Simply by placing an order, our buyers expressly waive the rights stipulated in Article 1587 of the French Civil Code.
Pursuant to Article L. 3342-1 of the French Public Health Code, which provides that it is an offence to sell alcohol to children under the age of eighteen (18), the buyer shall declare, upon placing an order, that s/he is eighteen (18) years old or over on the order date. The seller's product range is only available to buyers fulfilling this condition.
Information Technology and Civil Liberties

Pursuant to French Act 78-17 of 6 January 1978 amended by the Act of 6 August 2004, the buyer is entitled to access and correct personal data concerning him- or herself. Said right may be exercised by writing to the seller at the following address: SARL (LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY) MAISON DU VOUVRAY – BP 47 – 37210 VOUVRAY – France
The clauses stipulated below are brought to the clientele's attention and constitute the law of the parties.

The prices quoted on this website include 20% VAT and are ex-cellar, but exclude transport costs.


Any discounts for bulk buying are calculated at the end of the invoice, before transport costs. They are not applicable for Bag-in-Box containers, batches of 6 or 12 bottles, special offers or "Misc. products".

The transport costs are added when the order is complete, after any discounts, depending on the delivery address and scales below:

HOME DELIVERY BY A COURIER   (Calling card if you're not in)

COLISSIMO 1 bottle: €11 / COLISSIMO 3 bottles: €14.55

French départements: 37-41-36-86-49-72

-from 6 to 18 bottles: €15 per shipment
-from 19 to 36 bottles: €0.75/bottle
-from 37 to 54 bottles: €0.50/bottle
-from 55 to 66 bottles: €0.40/bottle
-67 bottles and over: €0.25/bottle

Other départements: (mainland France only)

-from 6 to 18 bottles: €22 per shipment
-from 19 to 36 bottles: €1/bottle
-from 37 to 54 bottles: €0.70/bottle
-from 55 to 66 bottles: €0.60/bottle
-67 bottles and over: €0.40/bottle

The prices quoted include tax for one 75cl or 50cl bottle

For different-sized containers, the following scale will be applied:
150cl magnum = twice the bottle rate
37.5cl bottle = half the bottle rate
3-litre Bag-in-box = 3 times the bottle rate
5-litre Bag-in-box = 6 times the bottle rate
10-litre Bag-in-box = 12 times the bottle rate

Wine cellar accessories: the prices quoted for wine cellar accessories are carriage paid. Any accessories that cannot fit into a 3, 6 or 12-bottle box will be posted separately at no extra cost.

The seller is entitled to define a minimum number of accessories ordered.

Shipments within mainland France only.


Should the buyer notice any damage upon delivery, s/he must note any reservations down on the courier's delivery slip and inform the seller by any convenient means of the delivery's non-conformity.
The SARL Maison du Vouvray cannot be held liable for failure to comply with the delivery instructions actually forwarded to the courier according to the buyer's indications (date, times, calling card).

During the Christmas festivities, we cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas Day for any order placed after 10 December.
If you are unable to receive the deliveries yourself at any time, please give us a delivery address "in case you're not in" (neighbour, warden or any trustworthy person).

IMPORTANT: under no circumstances is the courier authorised to collect payment for your order.
The seller cannot be held liable for loss, damage, errors or late delivery caused by accidents or cases of force majeure, particularly: earthquakes, cyclones, storms, floods, war, strikes, road traffic, train or aircraft accidents or embargoes. This list may not be considered exhaustive.
The seller shall also automatically be released from any of its obligations which become impossible to fulfil as a result.

Cardboard boxes of 3, 6 or 12 bottles only (with the exception of accessories other than 75cl bottles).
Vintage wines and products sold on this website are "subject to availability".

The payment location is Vouvray and payment should be made out to: SARL MAISON DU VOUVRAY. Unless agreed otherwise, our invoices are payable at the time of order.

Payment by card: the seller provides the buyer with a secure online payment method managed by the bank CRÉDIT AGRICOLE – E TRANSACTIONS. The buyer will be asked to supply his/her card number, expiry date and visual cryptogram. The bank CRÉDIT AGRICOLE gathers this information in an encrypted manner using SSL technology. As such, the seller cannot access it.
Payment by cheque: unless agreed otherwise between the seller and buyer, payment by cheque shall be made at the time of order, by sending a copy of the order form and cheque for the exact amount of the order to: SARL MAISON DU VOUVRAY - BP 47 - 37210 VOUVRAY FRANCE

No discounts for cash payments will be granted.

Pursuant to the provisions of Articles L.121-16 et seq. of the French Consumer Code, the buyer may return the products to the seller and request reimbursement thereof within seven (7) clear days of the delivery date. The buyer must inform the seller thereof in writing beforehand. Products shall be returned at the expense and under the responsibility of the buyer to the address indicated by the seller. Damaged products will not be taken back by the seller. Reimbursement for non-damaged products shall be paid out 30 days from the cancellation date, subject to the returned products being received. This cancellation right is only available to consumers; professionals may not avail themselves of the provisions herein.
Available stocks

Receipt of the goods by the customer implies acceptance of these clauses:

Retention of title clause: the goods shall remain our property until full payment of the price. With respect to the seller, the buyer personally undertakes not to take possession, by any means whatsoever, in full or by way of a pledge or collateral security, of the goods bought until the price has been paid in full.
Choice of forum clause: in the event of a dispute with our professional customers, only the Tours (Indre-et-Loire) courts shall be competent.

If the petition comes from a buyer considered to be a consumer, the court with territorial jurisdiction, in the event of a dispute, may be chosen by the buyer: either that of the latter's place of residence, or of the seller's head office.
If the petition comes from the seller, the competent court, in the event of a dispute, shall be that of the buyer's place of residence.

The goods are shipped (unless a product is unavailable or at the buyer's express request) as soon as the seller collects payment:

Payment by card: as soon as the bank's notice of payment acceptance has been received.
Payment by cheque: as soon as the cheque for the full amount has been cashed.

The goods shall be delivered within 30 days of the day following the buyer's order, subject to collection of payment.