Who are we?


A small group of vinegrowers got together to found the Cave des Producteurs de Vouvray back in 1953.                                                                                                                           

Sixty years later, this group has now grown to 40 vinegrowers who are continuing the adventure, with 520 ha of vineyards across the whole of the Vouvray appellation. Some of these vineyards have been in the family for two generations, soon to be passed onto a third.


Our vinegrowers have adopted an original method of working and supply system ever since the very first articles of association were drafted. Indeed, our member vinegrowers are responsible for harvesting, pressing and making wine from the grapes cultivated on their own respective estates. They commit to supplying the Cave des Producteurs with at least 50% of their harvest in terms of volume, which includes still wines and base wines for making Fines Bulles de Vouvray (Vouvray sparkling wine). A small proportion is delivered at the must stage during harvesting, for turning into wine directly at the Cave des Producteurs.

Once the wines have been made, our head oenologist heads to each member vinegrower's estate to make a selection primarily on the basis of tasting. Once selected, the wines are brought swiftly to our cellars, where they are filtered and blended to make the Cave des Producteurs cuvée wines.

The Cave des Producteurs may have built its reputation on its high-quality Fines Bulles de Vouvray, but it also has a whole range of still Vouvray wines available – from dry right through to the sweetest dessert wines.