Vouvray Tranquilles (still Vouvray wines) are so named in contrast to sparkling wines (Fines Bulles de Vouvray). The former are the fruit of the first natural fermentation stage, and express the multi-faceted character of Chenin Blanc thanks to Vouvray's temperate climate and calcareous-clay soils.

The weather over the final few weeks leading up to harvesting has a decisive impact. Dry, sunny conditions are essential for optimum ripeness and to limit the risk of disease or rot setting in.
Grapes that ripen normally will be ideal for making dry or more delicate wines, while more pronounced ripeness will produce semi-dry wines, sweet wines and even dessert wines in outstandingly good years.

There's a Vouvray for every course or stage of a meal – from pre-dinner drinks and nibbles right through to dessert.

  • Dry, with 6g to 8g of residual sugar.
  • Semi-dry, with 20 to 25g of residual sugar.
  • Sweet, with 35 to 50g of residual sugar.Dessert, with more than 60g/l of residual sugar – reaching 100g and over at times.

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