Chenin blanc is just perfect for making Fines Bulles or sparkling wines. The bubbles bring out the best of its fruity aromas, making it an unbeatable special occasion wine.

The traditional method for making sparkling wine is better known by its former name: Méthode Champenoise. This involves putting the wine through a second fermentation process once bottled, called prise de mousse. The gas produced by this fermentation stage mixes with the wine, turning into fine bubbles. This is then followed by a long maturing period of at least 12 months, when the bottles are stored horizontally in our tuffeau stone cellars. This imparts finesse and elegance to the wine.

What set Vouvray Pétillant (sparkling Vouvray wine) apart from other Fines Bulles are its lighter bubbles which allow its vinous qualities to come more fully to the fore. This is the "historic" product of Vouvray which combines the best of both worlds: sparkling and still wines.

  • Vouvray AOP* De Chanceny Excellence, Brut (very dry) and Demi-sec (semi-dry) (Bottles and Magnums)
  • Vouvray AOP Rendez-Vous, Brut (very dry)
  • Vouvray AOP De Chanceny, Brut (very dry) and Demi-sec (semi-dry)
  • Vouvray Pétillant AOP, Brut (very dry), Sec (dry), Demi-sec (semi-dry) and Moelleux (sweet)

* AOP = Protected Designation of Origin


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